Vape Giant – SEO Category Descriptions

Vape Giant – SEO Category Descriptions

Portable Vaporizers: Get Carried Away With Vaping | Vape Giant

Get ‘carried away’ with the finest selection of premium portable vaporizers on the market.

“Portable Vaporizer” is a rather broad category, it’s true. Is it light enough to actually pick up and carry? Can you easily vape with it while holding it in one hand? Yes? Then, portable. Convenient, generally small enough to fit into a pocket or a purse, you can find portable vaporizers the size of a Bic lighter or as big as as a can of Easy Cheese, and every size in between. Vape pens, box mods, handhelds—all portable.

As for what kinds of materials portable vaporizers can vaporize—that’s almost as broad as the range of sizes. You’ll find some larger, handheld vaporizers that only vape one kind of substance—oils, waxes, e-liquids or dried herbs—or you may find a tiny, innocuous vape pen that can power through all four substances. Within the category of “portable vaporizer” you’re sure to find the right combination of features for your vaping needs, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!


Dry Herb Vaporizers| Portables, Tabletops, and Vape Pens | Vape Giant

Check out our great deals on dry herb vaporizers in portable, tabletop and vape pen styles.

We at Vape Giant find it endlessly amusing that regulations have forced the vaping industry to use the purposely vague term “herb vaporizer” to describe these devices—as if people are raiding their kitchen cabinets, desperate to inhale some oregano. Nonetheless, we offer a fine array of products intended for use with dry herbs, from aromatherapy blends to legal medicinal botanicals.

An herb vaporizer uses dried, ground-up botanicals (a fancy word for plants), which are packed into the convection or conduction chamber and heated, and—voila!—you can be vaping cloves, tobacco, medicinal herbs, or even oregano (though we wouldn’t recommend it) just like that, without the pesky, cancerous side effects of combustion.

Browse our premium selection of dry herb vaporizers, available in a range of styles, sizes, functionality and price points, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!


Oil Vaporizers | Portables,Tabletops, and Vape Pens | Vape Giant 

Browse our premium selection of oil vaporizers, available in a range of styles, sizes, functionality and price points, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!

As the name implies, oil vaporizers heat the concentrated oil of a substance—nicotine, botanicals, or essential oils like lavender or peppermint—to produce a combustion-free vapor. Oil vaporizers are produced in a range of shapes and sizes, just like their wax- and herb-vaping counterparts.

A quick, but important, digression: Vaping oils are NOT the same as e-liquids/e-juices, and not all oil vaporizers are meant for use with e-liquids, so make sure you know what you want before you buy. In short, e-liquids (or e-juices) are a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol (which makes the fluffy vapor clouds), vegetable glycerin, and natural and/or artificial flavorings, which are generally vaped as a replacement for cigarettes. Oils, on the other hand, are thicker and purer than e-liquid mixtures, and though you can find concentrated nicotine oils, many people don’t use oil vaping as a smoking replacement at all, instead vaping an array of non-nicotine substances for medicinal purposes or recreation.

But back to oil vaporizers. The method by which oil vaporizers work is essentially the same across the plethora of models on the market— drip your oil into the tank, where a tiny heating element cooks it until the oil volatilizes into a cloud of tiny droplets—which we all know as “vapor.”


Wax Vaporizers | Portables, Tabletops, and Vape Pens | Vape Giant

The hottest-selling wax vaporizers are right at your fingertips.

So you know about dry-herb vaporizers and oil vaporizers—then just what, exactly, is this “wax” thing anyway, and why would you want to vape it? “Waxes” or “concentrates” are potent resin extracts derived from traditional plants known for their potency and taste.

Waxes are usually ingested as a “dab”—a tiny, gooey, unadulterated dose of the good stuff that is dropped onto a heating element where it bubbles away, creating a flavorful vapor and an intense effect.

The electronic version of these dab vaporizers are called “e-nails,” instruments specifically engineered to provide consistent vaporization at precise temperatures, and yes, Vape Giant carries only the top-tier models. However, if you’d like to keep a lower profile while enjoying wax concentrates, check out our selection of wax vaporizer pens or 3-in-1 kits (dry herbs, oils and waxes), and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!


Vaporizers Under $100 | Free Shipping Over $50 | Vape Giant

Who says you have to break the bank to start vaping? Check out our selection of portables, handhelds, and vape pens—all for under $100!

If you’re looking for an oil, wax, or dry herb vaporizer, or even a 3-in-1, Vape Giant has you covered. Maybe you’re not ready to invest a lot of cash in a vaporizer until you’ve found what you like? No problem! The Glow-Dome Vaporizer by Vaporite is an easy-to-use tabletop vaporizer that only costs about as much as a carton of analog cigarettes, but will last exponentially longer and won’t make your fingers smell like dirt and sadness! Think you might want to bump it up a notch? At the other end of the Under $100 spectrum, we have the Budy Pen Platinum Vaporizer, also by Vaporite. A prime example of 3-in-1 capability in an sleek, discreet pen style, the Budy Pen can vaporize oils, waxes and dry herbs. Everything you need, literally in the palm of your hand. And if neither of those models shout your name, peruse the rest of the category—at under $100, with fast, free shipping on purchases over $50, you can find your perfect vaping match and still have cash left over for groceries.


Vaporizers $100-$200 | Free Shipping | Vape Giant

Vape Giant’s $100-$200 selection features only the most reliable and best-selling brands.

So you’ve got a little more spare cash in your pocket this week? Or you’ve already cut your baby vaping teeth on the bargain-priced vaporizers and now it’s time to upgrade? Our hottest seller right now, juuust sliding into the low end of the $100-$200 price range, is the Vapen DH2 dry herb vaporizer, a nifty portable model with a 40-second heat up time and 80 temperature options between 350° and 450°.

Topping out this category, but still coming in at well under $200 is the NO2 by Vapir. Its stainless steel encased, pure brass heating element, in conjunction with its set temperature memory function ensures consistent, clean heat and fresh, dense vapor.

Right in the middle of our $100-$200 selection is the Magic Flight Launchbox Portable Vaporizer. Its tiny, rectangular, wooden body is unique in the world of dry herb vaporizers and is small enough to be completely concealed in your closed hand. Unless, of course, you have creepy baby hands.


Vaporizers $200 – $300 Ship for Free! | Vape Giant

Browsing our $200-$300 vaporizer selection is like entering your junior year of high school. You’re on the varsity squad now, and it’s whole different world.

In the $200-$300 range you’ll find the mysteriously svelte Pax 2—is it a futuristic communication device? Some alien energy source sent to Earth to free mankind from the shackles of fossil fuel dependency? Even if you’re not actively vaping with it, just carrying around the Pax 2 automatically makes you look 25% cooler.

New to the $200-$300 category is the Vapir Rise, recently put on sale due to its bad-assness, and the fact that everybody wants one. This balloon-type tabletop model accommodates oils, waxes, and dry herbs without the need for additional parts or accessories.

No high-end category would be complete without Arizer, offering two products in the $200-$300 range—the Extreme Q and the Solo—so now your portable and tabletop vaporizer needs are covered by one of the top brands in the industry.


Vaporizers $300 and up Ship for Free! | Vape Giant

You’ve made it to the top. If you’re browsing our $300-and-up selection then you’re a true connoisseur, a vaper extraordinaire, someone who dives headfirst into the finer things in life, a—ok, we’ll stop.

But seriously though, if you won’t settle for less that the best of the best, Vape Giant is pulling back the curtain on our top of the line brands—just for you. You’ll find the superbly designed Zephyr Ion on sale right now—constructed with high-quality stainless steel and mesh, this tabletop vaporizer boasts a fully enclosed ceramic heating element with 32 separate heat and air channels. This innovation keeps the airflow away from the heating coils, which prevents the generation of toxic fumes (cuz that’s kinda our thing).

Then, of course, there’s the iconic, genre-defining, balloon-type Classic Volcano Vaporizer. Still at the top of the heap, the grandaddy of tabletop vaporizers hasn’t changed its time-tested design in years. And why should it? ‘If it ain’t broke…’ as they say.

For those vaporizer aficionados who want the stalwart quality of the Volcano with a touch more pizazz, we offer the Digital Volcano Vaporizer. With the same sterling reputation as the Classic Volcano, the Digital adds a luminous LED display so you can easily read the unit’s temperature across the room, in the dark, or across a darkened room.


Vaporizers | Dual Function Vaporizers | Vape Giant

Vaporizers | Multi-Function Vaporizers | Vape Giant

If you’re in the market for a dual-function or multi-function vaporizer then you’re either the super-pragmatic type—you leave your home fully prepared with a smorgasbord of vaping substances to enjoy throughout the day…OR you’re the whimsical type—you never know how your day will turn out, or what you might feel like vaping at any given moment! Life’s a roll of the dice, right? YOLO! In either case, we at Vape Giant applaud your foresight as you browse our dual/multi-function vaporizer category.

Dual/multi-function vaping is a pretty simple concept so even if you sometimes find it daunting to program your DVR (don’t feel bad—so do we), we promise you’ll adjust to a multi-function vaporizer with no problem.

Some vaporizers are designed to vape only one substance: either liquids, dried herbs, or concentrates, because some people prefer just one vaping method. Multi-function vaporizers are designed to accommodate all three types of substances, typically using separate cartridges to contain the different materials.

Top performers in this category include the Vapir Prima, a compact handheld dual- function model with four variable temperature settings and a combination of convection and conduction technology.

Finishing out our dual-/multi function category is a selection of vape pens: compact, discreet, and most importantly—versatile. The Vapen’ Duo Wax/Oil Vaporizer is perfect for on-the-go vapers who prefer oils and concentrates over dried herbs. And for busy vapers who want all three substances contained in a pocket-friendly (and wallet-friendly) unit, we offer the Dube 2 Air Edition, the Atmos Optimus 510, and the Vaporite Budy Pen Platinum.

And remember—at Vape Giant, purchases over $50 ship free!


Vaporizers | Handheld Vaporizers | Vape Giant

“Ok,” you might say, “ I see ‘portable’ vaporizers and I see ‘handheld’ vaporizers—what’s the difference?” And we at Vape Giant are glad you asked. ‘Handheld’ is really just a subcategory of ‘portable.’ Technically, anything is portable if you can fit it in your car. But, instead of, say, wedging your Tempur Pedic into the back of your Camry for a weekend trip to your parents’, you’d opt for the air mattress, right? Same deal with vaporizers. Ok, well—same basic principle. Some tabletop vaporizers, while indisputably portable (some even come with a nifty carrying case), tend to be a bit on the bigger side, and lend themselves to ‘portability’ in the sense that you can pack them up and take them to a friend’s house for an all-night vaping session. However, if you’re out and about by yourself, makin’ moves, getting stuff done, taking care of business like a sir, hauling around a portable tabletop vaporizer might not be an option. Last time we checked, throwing down your rig on the boardroom table for a quick vape during a staff meeting is kind of frowned upon (unless your job is awesome AF).

That’s where the wide world of handheld vaporizers comes into play. In the car, on your trek to the office, from the office back to the car, walking the dog, shuffling outside in the morning to get the paper—if you’ve got a handheld vaporizer, you can make any of these mundane tasks enjoyable.

The size of a tube of eyeliner or the size of a Popsicle—there’s a dizzying array of models that qualify as ‘handheld.’ From the sleek, futuristic Pax 2 to the slim and streamlined Hippy Trips Pen Vaporizer, handheld models are our most prolific sellers. Check out our cutting-edge selection, and remember—at Vape Giant, purchases $50 and over ship free!

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