Vape Pen Red: Top 10 YouTube Vapers

Vape Pen Red: Top 10 YouTube Vapers

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(, 2015)

If you’re a vaping noob, and you’re looking to get connected to the online vaping community, your initial forays can be a little overwhelming.

Vaping has firmly established its presence on the Web within the last ten years or so, and there’s a plethora of reviewers, forums, and opinions out there on every aspect of the subject. So allow me simplify for you: check out this list of the top ten most popular vapers on YouTube, check out your favorite, and jump in from there.

1. Rip Trippers

If you’ve even dipped your pinkie toe into the world of the YouTube vaping community, you’ll know RiP Trippers. Far out in front of the pack of vaping product reviewers with well over half a million subscribers, RiP Trippers (real name unknown) is the manic, finely-bearded, king-of-the-hill among YouTube vapers. His slick, well-produced videos in which he seems to be adopting the persona of a technologically sophisticated hillbilly, have come a long way from his YouTube debut back in 2012 with his soft-spoken manner, modest scruff and webcam-in-the-dingy-bedroom setup. He’s been vaping since 2011 and took to it with such fervor that the next year he designed and marketed his own rebuildable atomizer, the AC9. Now he’s got his own line of juices and an assistant to handle business inquiries. Yes, an assistant. Because vaping. Hey, follow your dreams, boys and girls.

2. Indoor Smokers

With 247,000 subscribers, Indoor Smokers is a dude from Washington state, who brings to mind a less-lethal version of Steven Seagal who woke up on a couch in his front yard after a 3-day high had petered out. This is a good thing. He’s got an affable, goofy persona that tells me that he knows he comes off a little corny, but who cares? His product reviews are easy-to-follow, and his videos are so un-self-consciously playful that it’s no surprise he all but admits that something else was smoked before filming them. And if that welcoming vibe weren’t enough to draw me back to his YouTube channel again, there is the occasional presence of Danielle, a jaw-dropping, bedroom-eyed brunette (his girlfriend? Sister? Daughter? Next door neighbor? Accountant?) who has probably been the inspiration for a ton of local bands’ wistful ballads about love, loss, and the fleetingness of youth.

3. GrimmGreen

GrimmGreen is Nick, a tattooed metalhead musician fanboy craft beer drinker from SoCal who, as a former longtime smoker, was randomly searching online for an alternative, stumbled upon an early e-cigarette video review in 2008, and was thereafter hooked on vaping. He’s been posting vaping videos since 2009, and aside from his coil-building tutorials and product reviews, his slick, informative website features a great intro-to-vaping page for the newbies. Also, this man has a Stormtrooper neck tattoo.

4. VapingwithTwisted420

From East Texas, Richard Mallard was addicted to cigarettes from his early teens. On a whim, he tried vaping to help him quit smoking – now, he’s been vaping full-time for two years, and manages Voltage Vapor Shop in Palestine, Texas. Already a YouTuber back in 2013, posting regularly about car stereo equipment, he adapted his posts to reviewing mods and juices. Lesson to be learned from Richard Mallard: if you want to explode in popularity amongst YouTubers – he’s surpassed 166,000 subscribers in just two years – start with car stereos, add vaping, voila!

5. PBusardo

At 126,00 subscribers, PBrusardo (Phil Brusardo) isn’t the heaviest hitter, but he’s still a influential force in the vaping video community. If his bio didn’t quite plainly state that he has no kids, I would swear that this guy was the father of some tween girl. However, he’s actually a former club DJ and an A/V engineer, with a degree in Computer Engineering Technology…and here I am, feeling smug when I get my TV’s HDMI cables to work properly. Phil used to smoke a pack a day and tried unsuccessfully to quit for many years until he discovered vaping in 2009, went cold turkey from cigarettes, and has been vaping ever since. Pbrusardo comes at vaping, and video posting, for that matter, from a high level of technical proficiency and his website reflects that in his analysis of gear and product reviews. He’s been posting vaping videos since 2011, and his channel features a lot of great advice for new vapers. I especially like how he makes his videos part vaping, part vlog, relating to his viewers by intertwining tidbits of his personal life with his reviews and tutorials.

6. Suck My Mod

Self-proclaimed electronics and gadgets geek Mat Culley is another former smoker who got hooked on cigarettes in his teens. His wake up call was in his late 20s when he discovered a cancerous growth on his lip — that was it for him, and he’s been vaping since 2013 with his girlfriend and occasional co-presenter Vanessa. Suck My Mod boasts 80,000 subscribers, and Matt and Vanessa typically focus on the lesser-reviewed products and accessories. Matt’s big into vaping advocacy with regular updates on anti-vaping legislation, and if you’ve never heard of Air-bots – wearable, inflatable, robot suits in which you fight one-on-one sumo style (well, really, the suits are so cumbersome you kind of just paw at each other until one of you falls down – I’m not making this up) you really must watch Matt battle VapingwithTwisted420 at the 2014 Vapor Dynasty Expo. Sadly, he loses the match, but you win at vaping Matt!

7. Ruby Roo

If there was a meme of The Most Interesting Vaper in the World, I would nominate Ruby Roo for the honor. She’s a 34-year-old, tattooed, half-Australian mom, who owns a home remodeling business in Colorado Springs with her husband, is a certified cicerone (like a sommelier, but for beer), and jokingly apologizes for her broad swimmer’s shoulders in a charming vlog debut from 2014. Proudly a nerdy, writer-y, English major-y type, she parlays her skills as cicerone into her vaping specialty– analyzing juice flavors and dreaming up intriguing new taste pairings. Ruby was a smoker for 16 years, and now that she’s discovered vaping she’s been doing YouTube reviews for at least a year – her relatable, earnest personality and openness with her viewers has helped her nab over 63,000 subscribers already. Besides, who else could remodel your kitchen and recommend a beer to perfectly complement that passionfruit lemonade you’re vaping while you wait?

8. Abby Vapes

Atlanta’s very own Abby Vapes has been vaping since 2013 and YouTubing since 2014. Unlike a lot of the vapers on this list, Abby actually was NOT a smoker from her early years. She’s originally from South Florida and as as a teen she suffered chronic bronchitis, yet somehow still managed to play sports in high-school and college. So smoking was a big NO for her…until after college, where social smoking and a move to the Midwest eventually led to allergy-induced asthma. However, I contend that she was simply allergic to the flyover states. Fortunately, leaving the Midwest cleared up her asthma – that, and quitting smoking – and now she’s loving Atlanta and dedicated to promoting vaping for people with breathing issues. Abby Vapes also extends an open invitation to all Xbox One gamers to come meet her gamer persona (MissMauly) in Evolve, and get their asses handed to them.

9. Todd ecigreviews

From across The Pond is Todd (Todd ecigreviews), an affable Scot who so far represents the UK’s leading YouTube vaper with 49,600 subscribers. He’s been vaping and reviewing since 2012 and seems like he’d just love to knock back a pint of Guinness with you at the local pub – kind of a soft-spoken, bumbling guy, who’s quick to chuckle at himself for a moment of clumsiness, like when he drops a product on camera. Todd films his videos in what his viewers have come to refer to as The Shed, a…well…shed that he built specifically for storing his massive collection of vaping gear soon after he started posting e-cig reviews on YouTube. Todd leads the charge to legitimize vaping in the UK, and with his instantly charming brogue, he could read a court summons out loud and you’d start dreaming of a misty morning in the Scottish highlands.


Flying under the radar with a modest but respectable 46,000 YouTube subscribers is Scott Bonner of, another guy from the UK. Looking back on his earliest videos, this Brit is the granddaddy of YouTube vapers. He’s been doing reviews on everything from the el-cheapo cigarette look-alike models to the top-of-the-line complex mods since 2008! His website reflects his experience: With a slick, black theme, he’s got an incredibly thorough and comprehensive e-cig categorization system, complete with a video and rating graph of each e-cig’s attributes. If the vaping community had patron saints, this guy would be one of them.

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