Presto Inkjet Media: Press Release

Presto Inkjet Media: Press Release

(Presto Inkjet Media, 2016)

Wide Format, Digitally Printable Wallcoverings, Now Available By the Roll

Presto Tape, renowned manufacturer of pressure-sensitive, clean release specialty tapes and films, is launching Presto Inkjet Media, a website specifically focused on their expanding line of wide format digitally printable wallcoverings.

CanvasTac, PrestoTex and WallFab are the company’s trendsetting innovations in wallcoverings, released in 2013 and 2015, respectively. These canvas and polyester printable fabrics are available in ever-increasing variations of color, finish, and thickness, and each features Presto’s patented microsphere adhesive backing, which allow the wallcoverings to be fully removed or repositioned without damaging wall surfaces.

Presto Inkjet Media is now making Presto’s printable fabrics available directly to customers by the individual roll, eliminating the necessity of buying from distributors, and, as a result, offering steeply discounted prices compared to retailers.