About Me

About Me

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Hi, I'm Charles Andrew Gash, and I write good stuff.

Suuuch a clever introduction. I'll bet it totally grabbed your attention. That's how it's done, people.  That's how I make those fat freelance paychecks.

So, me. I've got a background in theatre (see, I spelled it correctly) and film, voiceover and screenwriting, but I usually make my stacks of freelance cash by doing web-copy. By day, I'm a content developer, and by night...well, freelancing, like I said.

I've hitchhiked through Australia, spent an unforgettable decade in New York City, driven cross-country with only a dog and a guitar, and traveled the West Coast. So far.

I like film and art and literature and other intellectual-type things. I cross my legs at the knee when I sip bourbon (if I'm skinny enough).

Contact me if you need content: copy, voiceover, stories...

What Story do you want to tell today?